Warming Up in WP


The perfect evening combo: tea with scones (with clotted cream!)  x reading x knitting outside.

Dabbling in greens and pinks as March rolls in
Lazy cat Saturday mornings

Thrifting in Winter Park, FL

A Saturday morning ritual for me is to take my coffee with me down past the Farmer’s Market to this hidden little gem, the Winter Park Benefit Shop. It’s nestled in a building next to Winter Park City Hall (across from the Gap) on Lyman Ave.  The hours are very limited and they only accept cash or check. Seventy five percent of the time, I walk out empty handed, but on the occasions I do find something, jackpot! Some of favorite knick-knacks, sweaters, and shorts have come from here. Hardcover books and mugs are 50 cents, and there’s always a half off or super cheap special.