Gypsy Apothecary Herb Shoppe in Orlando

Stunning foggy water feature surrounded Amethyst and Himalayan Salt lamps.

I checked out Gypsy Apothecary in Orlando today and it definitely tops the list of crystal shops I’ve been to. It was well stocked and organized with anything and everything you’d ever need in the metaphysical category; incense (sticks and cones), feathers, sage, polished, tumbled, raw crystals, wands, points, eggs, herbs, tea blends, oils, jewelry, dream-catchers and more. And did I mention a room of selenite? They also have salt lamps GALORE. Their bracelets were buy 2, get 1 free along with other specials posted. I left with a Fluorite bracelet, a very reasonably priced chunk of Amethyst, Lemurian Quartz seeds, and Aventurine. Definitely worth another visit.

Gypsy Apothecary Herb Shoppe

3540 Orange Ave S.

Orlando, FL 32806


Central Florida Mineral and Gem Society Show

This weekend was the CFMGS show in Orlando. I’ve never been to a gem/mineral show before and this will definitely be new and only way to shop for crystals. The show took place at the The National Guard Armory on Fern Creek and admission was $4 with a coupon from their site (you could bring your ticket in another day for free readmission.) There were tons of raffles and door prizes as well. The rows and rows of booth were overwhelming with their insanely fair prices. Local Etsy sellers also dotted the venue and booths ranged from the metaphysical standpoint, with crystal grids and sage, to the more scientific, with breakable geodes and fossils. I ended up leaving with a 10 inch selenite lamp (for only $24!!), black tourmaline, a cactus quartz, 5 selenite sticksĀ  ($1 each!), and a baggie of rose quartz pebbles for my rosewater facial spritz bottle ($2.50!) I will be marking the next show date down in my calendar!

*P.S.- I arrived right when it opened at 10am on Saturday and the parking lot was already filling up and cars were circling for spots as I left!

Show Page


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I’m new to the crystal game, but already feel the need to have them on and around me at all times. There are so many jewellery makers that incorporate healing stones but I was having a hard time finding what I was looking for; quality stones, non-sterling silver settings, dainty, sturdy pieces. I finally found Hawkhouse and have been obsessing ever since.

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Moonstone, Pyrite, Peridot
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I love their story and you can tell the stones they use are really special. My first one was the moonstone and it’s truly mesmerizing to look at. It reminds me of the movie Men in Black when the galaxy was in the ball on that cat’s collar and they couldn’t look away.

I’ve since scored a few more and felt compelled to sign up for their Second Chance Club where they mail you a random, imperfect ring each month. I already purchased the ones I really wanted so now I wouldn’t mind receiving random ones.

I experienced faster shipping when purchased on the website rather than Etsy. Also, the copper bands did leave an immediate green ring around my finger, which they said indicates your body’s pH levels are too acidic (great), but I painted a thin layer of clear nail polish over the bands. This has worked great for me so far.


Charging crystals to keep in my purse
Charging crystals to keep in my purse

I’m recently new to the world of crystals and am already addicted, like I need another hobby. I haven’t found my favorite place to buy them locally (above is a place in NY). I’ve been to Avalon and Ancient Artifacts on Fairbanks, and purchased on Etsy. I’d like to find *one* place to buy them where I know I’m getting good quality stones at good prices. There is a mineral, gem, bead, and fossil show coming up in April in Orlando I plan on attending.

IMG_3522My triangle shelf from JDrewSilvers houses my little collection so far.

My Obsession with Spring Break/Knitting Update


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I just love when my desk looks like this. No styling was done to achieve this look.

As teachers, we have Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Thanksgiving and Winter Break are usually hectic and not very relaxing with family functions, cooking and baking, gift buying, gift returning, etc. But Spring Break… oh Spring Break is the sweet one, especially in Winter Park. It’s the time of the Winter Park Art Festival, the Rifle Paper Co. Sidewalk Sale, St. Patrick’s Day… and just barely beach weather. It’s been particularly cold this Spring Break with a random storm on Tuesday (hello hail!)

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Soccer Knitting
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Baby Blanket

I’m still working on the Appalachian Baby Blanket, I’m about done with 2 balls of yarn now. My goal is to finish it by July, which will be a year since I started it. Yikes.