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I’m new to the crystal game, but already feel the need to have them on and around me at all times. There are so many jewellery makers that incorporate healing stones but I was having a hard time finding what I was looking for; quality stones, non-sterling silver settings, dainty, sturdy pieces. I finally found Hawkhouse and have been obsessing ever since.

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Moonstone, Pyrite, Peridot
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I love their story and you can tell the stones they use are really special. My first one was the moonstone and it’s truly mesmerizing to look at. It reminds me of the movie Men in Black when the galaxy was in the ball on that cat’s collar and they couldn’t look away.

I’ve since scored a few more and felt compelled to sign up for their Second Chance Club where they mail you a random, imperfect ring each month. I already purchased the ones I really wanted so now I wouldn’t mind receiving random ones.

I experienced faster shipping when purchased on the website rather than Etsy. Also, the copper bands did leave an immediate green ring around my finger, which they said indicates your body’s pH levels are too acidic (great), but I painted a thin layer of clear nail polish over the bands. This has worked great for me so far.


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