Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co.


I think I’ve wanted one of these bags for 800 years and they were sold out for 700 of those years. Finally, here it is in sturdy black canvas. Looks small but is super roomy, holds knitting project, slim pocket for scissors, pens, needles, but then wider pockets for a notebook maybe.

The best part is the grommet situation where you can feed your yarn through and knit right out of your bag. Because how many times were you confident that you could just throw your project in your bag and it’d be fine, but then you take it out and you’ve got 3 stitches that ripped out? This bag is for those kind of people. And *then* you can pull it tightly shut with the ropey handles. That’s for keeping your cat out so your wooden needles don’t acquire anymore teeth marks and your yarn is no longer wrapped around the legs of your chairs to fashion a booby trap. They were really thinking of us knitters when they designed this bag.

Field Bag by Fringe Supply Co. $65


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