Knit it & Quit it: Loopy Mango

After visiting Loopy Mango in NYC back in May, I finally ordered the ivory big loop merino yarn and the size 50 needles online (bringing back that barrel of yarn home on the plane didn’t seem like fun).

big loop yarn

I made the little throw, started it Friday night and finished it Saturday morning.

loopymango throw

big loop yarn

I literally knit it while watching like 2 episodes of Parks & Rec and the Booze Cruise episode of The Office.  It was like a wham bam thank you ma’am project.

loopy throwIt turned out to be just like a little throw that will probably just reside like this on my couch. If you want something to wrap around you, you’re going to need 2 skeins. This is just one skein but Loopy Mango is something all knitters need to experience.

Knitting 2014

Knitting more ended up at the top of my 2014 resolutions list. This includes finishing the random unfinished projects that required ordering one more ball of yarn.



{working on the yellow scarf in the park}

The 2014 Knit List:

Finish yellow chunky scarf

Finish black cropped sweater

Finish black & white wrap

-Christmas stockings

-Wool & the Gang Over My Shoulder

-Loopy Mango throw


-little drink coasters

Katniss Cowl Re-do

I ripped apart the first cowl, keeping the 2 herringbone triangles.


I knotted a new top neck cowl piece, doubling the yarn. Only a few inches, it rolls.

Then one long rectangle herringbone scarf to use as the  middle connector. Then sewed all together and on one side leaving an arm-hole. Walahhh. Much better, less heavy, tighter fit around the top.

katcowl1katcowl2Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

A trip to Florida Cactus Inc. in Aopoka, FL. The truth is out there…


I hesitated whether or not I should share this secret… a hidden gem in Apopka, FL. Down a dirt road lies 750,000 square feet of green treasures, ready for you to take home and care for as your own. First, you go to the office where you pick up a shopping basket and price guide with a map. When I walked into the first greenhouse, I felt like I stepped into something I shouldn’t know about. Like it was the last season of the X-Files, I felt like fucking Samantha was going to appear and I’d get stabbed with something into my neck.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Row upon rown upon row of healthy little babies, looking up at you crying for their mamas.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I felt like Dorothy, with my shopping basket, skipping through Emerald City.

cactiThen you have to decide who gets to go home with you. The prices are great, calculated by the size of the pot. There’s even a little ruler in the price guide to help you. And they give you a cardboard box to take them home. Fun for the whole family, and they play great music, which includes Belinda Carlisle. Just when you thought there was nothing great in Florida…I want to believe.

The Katniss Cowl- Final Proof that I’m insane


I have many hobbies obsessions, with knitting and The Hunger Games at the top of my list. Seriously, put me in a room with a 5th grade girl,  some baked goods and forget it, let’s analyze Katniss’ internal conflicts, the politics of Panem, and talk about Gale vs. Peeta for hoursssss (team Gale btw). My life was going ok I guess, until I saw this thing. Katniss Everdeen. Wearing a cowl-ish poncho-ish shieldy thing. That’s knitted. My world just… things went haywire.


I saw her wearing it in a picture online on the Sunday night before Catching Fire came out that week. I mean, look at it. It’s like a shield… of YARN. It’s so so so so badass, my hands were seriously shaking. Monday at work, like I couldn’t even tell you what happened that day. I was in a total trance figuring out patterns, equations, needle size and so on. I went to Michael’s after work and bought $60 worth of shitty Lion Brand Thick & Quick in the grey marble textured stuff. I don’t think I even used a coupon. Like I’m pretty sure it’s the same yarn that the designer actually used, but maybe not. I also bought a special Catching Fire US magazine for like $11.99 or some ridiculous price.


I found several copy cat patterns and none of them sounded good to me. There was that one pdf that’s what, 25 pages and you have to crochet. And you have to FUSE ROPES TOGETHER… fuck that noise. I actually concocted my own crazy pattern after some deep hard thought. I started it Monday night in hopes to finish it by Thursday.


So basically, I knitted a top and 2 bottom pieces. The top being a cowl with a row of 3 purls, 2 knits, 3 purls, 2 knits, 3 purls (in the round). The bottoms being 2 herringbone triangles. I wet blocked the shit out of the triangles so they’d stretch easy and would be looser, herringbone is so tight and stiff. Then I sewed the top cowl to the 2 bottoms. Then I sewed the 2 bottom triangles together under the one arm.

cowl triangle{One of the herringbone triangles}

cowl top

Ok here’s the CRAZY part. In order to get the same look as the top that Katniss’ cowl has, I literally sewed loops over the purl rowls of the cowl. Like I just kept sewing loops. It took sooooo long. I literally took my first day of work off this whole year that Wednesday. There was yarn and stitch markers everywhere. katniss mess

dishes{the dirty dish mountain that started to form from my mania}


I did finish it that Wednesday night and I wore it to the movie but felt immediately self-conscious wearing it. I felt like people were going to laugh at me for being lame but it’s awesome and I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve ever knit before. I’m probably going to make another one and change the pattern some. There’s no way in hell I’m doing that top stitching again. The top cowl part is too big too. The whole things is really heavy. I know there’s like 100 of them now on Etsy for sale, but whatever I don’t even want to look.


My fave part of the movie was her wearing this thing when Gale kissed her. Maybe if I wear it out around town, the odds will be in my favor too??? Wah, a girl can dream.